Furusawa Distillery was founded by Sadaichi Furusawa in the city of Nichinan in 1892 (Meiji 25),

and it  flourishes today under its fifth-generation president, Masako Furusawa.

Ms.Furusawa is a toji, a master of distilling pure shochu whose passion for the craft is coupled

with a keen sense of humankind's oneness with nature.


The distillery,in the Odotsu section of the port city of Nichinan,Miyazaki prefecture,is on the south side of Kyushu in southern Japan facing the Pacific Ocean.

The Kuroshio Current (Japanese Current) flows through its shore and its mild climate and clear,fresh water has allowed the shochu industry to prosper there.


Dozo-zukuri kura, Japanese old-style storehouses, have been used at the distillery since its founding,and they are now the only mud-wall storehouses still in use in Miyazaki.

Their porous walls naturally maintain an indoor climate ideal for the making of shochu.

Using such structures is one way we collaborate with the nature of our region in crafting our shochu.


Ingredients for our shochu are selected with care. We still use a wooden tray called koji buta in our Koji (malt) making room. Combining traditional skills with new technologies, we ferment moromi (mash) in giant bisque firing pots, a method designed to give each  pot an authentic shochu taste.


Our hand-crafted Yaezakura shochu is characterized by an elegant fragrance and exceptionally smooth and balanced taste.

It is good  mixed with warm water (a mix called Oyuwawri), which goes well with soy-sauce based foods,

and with cold or room-temperature water (a mix called Mizuwari),the flavor varied by the amount you add.

It is also good on the rocks.Whatever your choice, the rich taste and elegant flavor of  Yaezakura  shochu will make your heart sing.

Nichinan shochu "Yaezakura"

 will have you sparkling!!